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Frenzy - 1986  Restless Records

Available on LP, Cassette & CD

Reissued by I.R.S. Records in 1991

Get Out Of My Way! Mini-Album included on CD only and sold separately on LP & Cassette

Digital download available on

 1. The Amazing Bigfoot Diet

 2. Stuffin' Martha's Muffin *

 3.  I Hate Banks

 4.  Feeling Existential

 5.  Be My Lover

 6.  Where The Hell's My Money?

 7.  Gonna Put My Face On A Nuclear Bomb

 8.  Ain't Got No Boss

 9.  I'm Living With A Three-Foot Anti-Christ

10.  Gonna Eat Them Words

                                                                                 11.  Twilight's Last Gleaming

                                                                                 12  23 Mile Ride

                                                                                 13.  In A Gadda Da Vida

                                                                                 14.  The Ballad of Wendell Scott

                                                                                 15.  Get Out Of My Way  (CD ONLY)

                                                                                 16.  Rutabagas   (CD ONLY)

                                                                                 17  Burn Down The Malls   (CD ONLY)

                                                                                 18  Son Of Santa   (CD ONLY)

                                                                                 19.  Transylvanian Xmas   (CD ONLY)

                                                                                 20.  Jesus at McDonalds   (CD ONLY)

                                                                                * LP & CASSETTE MIX DIFFER FROM CD VERSION


Mojo Nixon - Vocals, Guitar, Sonic Luv Jug, Bongos

Skid Rope - Washboard, Banjo, Mandolin, Maracas, Harmonicas, Vocal on "In A Gadda Da Vida". Kick Box, Harp, Bells, Tamborine

Steve Wynn - Guest Vocal on "Feeling Exisential"

The Bigfoot Choir:  David Farage, Steve Wynn, Douglas Farage, Pete Webster, Chris Davies, Johnette, Fish Kharma, Burce Joyner, Paul Kamanski, $¢ott A. Reilly 

Moron Tallywacker Choir:  Allan Waddle, Dean Naleway, Charley Brown,  $¢ott A. Reilly, Peter Holsapple, Ileen Markel, Ron Lepper

Produced by Ron Goudie

Frenzy was recorded at Hit City, West L.A.  - Engineered by Randy Burns   Mixed at Mad Dog Studios, Venice, CA - Engineered by Eric Westfall

Get Out Of My Way was engineered by Robert Feist  Recorded  at Hit City West  "Stuffin' Martha's Muffin and Rutabagas was engineered by Randy Burns and recorded at Hit City West

Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Capitol Records

Photos by  $¢ott A. Reilly