Mojo Nixon World Empire

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Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper 

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - 1985 RBI Records  

Available on LP & Cassette 

CD Released on Restless Records 1989

Digital download available on

 1. Jesus At McDonalds

 2. Mushroom Maniac

 3. Moanin' With Your Moma

 4. Promised Land

 5. Guns To My Head

 6. I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend

 7. Rockin' Religion *

 8. Big Payback

 9. Comin' Down

10. Mama Possums

11. King Of The Couch

                                                                                 12. Art Fag Shuffle

                                                                                 13. Black Yo' Eye *

                                                                                 14  Ain't Got Nobody (cassette only)  *

                                                                                 15. Death Row Blues (cassette only)  *


Mojo Nixon:  Vocals, Guitar and Foot   Skid Roper:  Upright Washboard and Other Stuff

Recorded at The Bugalow Coronado, Calif. except * recorded at Soundtrax S.D. Calif.  Produced by Mudbone   Mixed at Hit Single below a shopping center   Photography by Jeff deRose   Design by Skidmore Grafix