Mojo Nixon World Empire

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Root Hog Or Die

Root Hog Or Die - Enigma 1989

Available on LP, Cassette & CD

Reissued on I.R.S. Records in 1991

Digital download available on

1. Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child

2.  (619) 239-KING

3.  This Land Is Your Land

4.  Pirate Radio

5.  Chicken Drop

6.  Tennessee Jive (Cassette & CD Only)

7.  Louisiana Liplock

8.  I'm A Wreck

9.  Burn Your Money!

10.  Circus Mystery

 11.  She's Vibrator Dependent

                                                                                  12.  High School Football Friday Night (CD Only)


Produced by Jim Dickinson

-Pontificated by-

Mojo Nixon - Vocals, Guitar, Tall Tales and Wha-Wha Pedal

Skid Roper -  Washboard, Fender Bass, Bongos, Tambourine, Lead Vocal & Guitar on "Circus Mystery" & "Tennessee Jive"

Jim Spake - Saxophone, Ben Cauley - Trumpet, East Memphis Slim - Piano, Phony Joe - Hammond B-3,  William C. Brown III - Backing Vocals, Bertram E. Brown - Backing Vocals, Jimmy Crosthwait - Deep Backing Vocals,  Susanne J. Taylor - Jingle Singing,   Donna Hauth  - Jingle Singing, The Campers - Sideways Guitar

The Village Idiot Singers - "Cowboy" John Radical, Tara Marcello, Amanda Col, Bill "Big Dixie" Davis, Kirk "The Jerk" Springstone, Skid "The Punisher" Roper, Reverend Baby Jesus Houston, $¢ott Ambrose Reilly and Flint

Vibrator Chorus - Kelley Keller, Sara "Screaming White Panties", Amanda Cole and Tara Marcello,

Production Assistant - Carol (Elvis Touched My Naked Butt) Tabor

Recorded at Sound Sunreel, Memphis TN

Engineered by Don Smith

Mixed at Ardent Recordings, Memphis TN

Engineered by John Hampton

Warmups & combobulations at Sam Phillips, Memphis TN

Engineered by Godhead Roland Janes

Trail Boss - Bullethead,

Mastered by - Eddy Schreyer

Art Direction - John Clayton Azo

Photography - Arlene Pachasa